Most of us have a space   where we live or work that   we constantly contemplate changing. And yet without assistance we are often unwilling to tackle the challenges of sorting,   clearing, and re-arranging — necessary steps toward embracing new design.

DeRange provides affordable, comprehensive, organization + design services focused on clients’ goals and objectives.

Together we can...

  • change the functionality + appearance of your living or working space
  • define + streamline areas, clear-out unused items, create new space
  • gain traction on your ideas (+ your to-do list!) for re-designing a space
  • review your spatial environments + start to catalog/sort your things

A typical DeRange room refresh or de-cluttering project happens in focused work-sessions, sometimes spanning several weeks. With an emphasis on re-purposing furniture and décor, design costs can often be minimized.

When your stuff is making you crazy, contact DeRange for help!